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Lamb Tagine with Grapefruit & Olives

Serves 6


1.6kg boneless shoulder of Local Lamb (diced)

3g Saffron strands

400g Onions (chopped)

3x Garlic Cloves, (Crushed)

300ml Fresh Chicken Stock

50g Butter

150ml water

300ml Apple Juice

1 tsp Ground Cinnamon

½ tsp salt

1 tsp Ground Turmeric

½ tsp of White Pepper

200g Olives

1x Grapefruit (sliced)

4x Cinnamon Sticks

120g Flaked Almonds, (fried)

300g Pearl Cous Cous



Put the pieces of Lamb into a large Tagine dish or Saucepan, mix together the ingredients for the spice mixture,

Scatter on the spice and roll the pieces of meat in the mixture.

Add the prepared Saffron.

Put over a medium heat and then add the Onions, Garlic, Oil, grapefruit, Olives & Butter, leave to brown.

Add the Apple juice, water, Chicken stock, cover & cook for 1 hour.


Before serving

Remove Cinnamon sticks, Add Rinsed Pearl Cous-Cous and Simmer for another 15 minutes.






Dartmoor Restaurant

"The food was on another level, this wasn't something you would expect in a hotel and personally felt food I have eaten in top notch restaurants wasn't as good as here - they certainly have talented chefs!"