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Pea Soup with Asparagus
Soft Boiled Quails Egg’s

12 Asparagus Spears

400g Peas

1 litre of Water

6 Mint Leaves

12 Quails Eggs


Boil the water and add the peas, frozen peas are ok to use for this recipe. Cook the peas for about 1-3 minutes. Remove the peas and blend with a few ladles of the water. Season the peas to taste and add the mint, blend until smooth.

Soft boil the quails eggs then refresh in cold water before peeling. Finish the dish by poaching the asparagus till tender. Fill a large bole with the soup, placing the asparagus in the middle and three eggs around.

Pan Roasted Rainbow Trout
Warm New Potato Salad, Broad Beans, Cherry Tomatoes and Baby Beetroots

4 Fillets of Trout

500g of New Potatoes

250g of Cherry Tomatoes on the vine

1kg of Broad Beans


Ask your fishmonger to fillet your trout, I prefer skin on. Make sure all pin bones are removed. Clean and boil the potatoes until tender, strain and season with crushed garlic, chives and a good drizzle of olive oil. Cover and keep warm.

Place your cherry tomatoes in a pan with a little olive oil and roast in the oven for about 15 minutes. For the broad beans, once removed from the pod simply blanch then refresh the broad beans in cold water. Once cool pop them out of their skins and reheat when needed.

To serve warm the broad beans in a pan with a little butter. The cherry tomatoes can be kept warm in the oven until ready to serve.

Finally cook the fish, using a non stick pan with a little oil, just hot enough so the oil is loose. Add the fillets to the pan skin side down, careful not to crowd the pan. Lower the heat and cook until almost opaque all the way through. For the last moment, flip over and take off the heat and add a little butter and a squeeze of lemon.

Pile the vegetables around the potatoes and the crisp fillets on top. Use some of the buttery fish sauce on top of the dish to dress.

Dark Chocolate Mousse with a Chilled Strawberry and Amaretto Crumble Mousse

First make the mousse.

175g Dark Chocolate

1 egg

1 yoke

275ml Double Cream


Melt the chocolate and in the separate bowl. Whisk the egg and yoke until double in size and cream coloured. Whisk the double cream separately to ribbons about the consistency of yoghurt.

Fold the cream and egg together then the chocolate, careful not to knock too much of the air out. Decant the mixture into serving cups or glasses.



1 pack of strawberries

100g Amaretto biscuits

1tbs Sugar


Roughly chop the strawberries and put in a pan with the sugar, heat until you have a chunky stew. Cool in the fridge.

For the topping bash up the biscuits in a bowl with a rolling pin.

To finish the pudding put a layer of the strawberries on top of the mousse, then finally the biscuit crumble and serve.

Dartmoor Restaurant

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