Winter New Year Retreat

Prince Hall

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Winter New Year Retreat
Cleanse &Renew the Light Within~ Ancient Wisdom &Detox Retreat                 Aluna Healing Retreats 11.jpg_1568065578
Saturday 28th Dec to Friday 3rd Jan 2020
At Prince Hall, Dartmoor, Devon
We are delighted to invite you to a very special retreat at the beautiful Prince Hall, in the heart of Dartmoor. Cleanse and renew yourself within a magical ancient landscape;delve into a gentle yet profound healing journey of cleansing toxicity &reconnecting with our sacred essence, ancient wisdom and the living Earth. 

The retreat is set within Dartmoor?s mystical landscape, rich with luscious woodlands, rivers, waterfalls, ancient sacred sites and stone circles. The retreat is a juice fast (or juice &salad cleanse) program, rich with practices for cultivating health, connection &harmony with Nature, along with yoga, meditation, breathwork &sound healing.

The retreat is held within a nurturing space in the beautiful Prince Hall, a country house in the heart of Dartmoor National Park;surrounded by forest, ancient rock, vast, mystical landscapes and ancient sacred sites.  The retreat offers a safe and supportive space for a juice/liquid fast, and there is also an option of a gourmet salad lunch for those who are wishing for a gentler cleanse.

The retreat program is a journey through the celtic medicine wheel, exploring the elements, seasons, cycles &rhythms of Nature and passages through life. We will work with cultivating inner stillness, awakening our natural rhythms and cycles, working with healing herbs, plants &foods, the remembrance of Mother Earth as a living being, and our place within Creation. We will be picking up threads of wisdom that have been left by our ancestors, and reflecting on the footprints that we each wish to leave behind us for the generations to come. 

The retreat offers a space to cleanse and quieten body and mind, so that one may listen and attune to the wisdom within us;that we may flow once again with the streams of wisdom that are the original essence of the natural world.

During the retreat we will be fasting/cleansing with fresh vegetable juices, vegetable broths and herbal drinks throughout the day, with optional extra detox programs for cleansing the liver and gallbladder. There is also an option of a gourmet salad lunch for those who are wishing for a gentler cleanse.

Daily program:

6am Morning Cleansing (optional)
7.30am Oil Pulling &lemon water (optional)
8am Morning group practice of connecting with Nature and greeting the day
8.30am o 10am Yoga Practice
10.15am Breakfast smoothie
10.30am to 1.30pm Morning Class Followed by Free time / Rest / Cleansing Practices / Journaling / One to one massage or healing sessions
1.30pm to 2pm Lunch Juice
2.30pm to 6pm Afternoon Walk and/or Nature Connection Practice
6pm to 7.00pm Free time / Rest / Cleansing Practices / Journaling /
7.15 to 7.30pm Dinner Juice
7.30pm to 9.00pm Meditation / Breathwork / Sound Healing / Evening Sharing Circle / Film

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